Weekend’s goalscorers – Xherdan Shaqiri introduces himself to the Italian crowd

wekeendsgoalscorer copy


Shkelzen Gashi (FC Basel), 1 goal:

Last season Shkelzen Gashi scored a total of 19 goals which made him the top goal scorer in Switzerland. This year the Albanian international seems to be running for that title once again. During this weekend’s game Swiss leaders Basel struggled against bottom placed Sion. A penalty right before the half time break gave the guests a lead but with the help of an opponent’s foot Gashi managed to equalize in the 68th minute. The goal was awarded to Gashi and he celebrated with his fellow team-mate Taulant Xhaka. None of the teams managed to score afterwards and the game ended 1-1. 26-year-old Gashi has now scored 13 goals in 20 rounds, only five more than current second place holder Berat Sadik (FC Thun).

Granit Xhaka (Borussia Mönchengladbach), 1 goal:

Third placed Borussia Mönchengladbach got a visit from Mergim Mavraj and his Köln on Saturday as it was time for another Rhine Derby. Both Albanians played from start and Mavraj tried his best to prevent Xhaka’s team from scoring. As the clock approached the 90 minute mark the home team were upset to not have scored on Köln but Xhaka’s late header saved the day.  A 1-0 win meant another three points and M’gladbach have now a firm grip on the third place which means a spot in the Champions League next season. This was Xhaka’s second goal in the Bundesliga this season.


Odise Roshi (FSV Frankfurt), 1 goal:

Albania’s NT player Odise Roshi also scored the only goal for his team when Frankfurt beat Leipzig away. Roshi played from start while team-mate Edmond Kapllani had to witness a goalless first half from the bench. In the 58th minute Roshi scored the first and only goal in this 2.Bundesliga face off. Frankfurt went home with three points and are now approaching Leipzig on the chart. Roshi by the way, has now scored three goals this season.

Alban Meha (Paderborn), 1 goal:

In Germany’s first league Alban Meha helped Paderborn gain three crucial points from Hannover. Both teams fought long to score and all the action occurred in the space of less than 15 minutes. It started with home team Hannover 96 taking a 1-0 lead in the 66th minute but Paderborn equalized six minutes later. Seven minutes later Meha showed up and saved the day as he scored the vital goal which gave Paderborn three points to take home. Goal number three for Albania’s midfielder Meha.

Benjamin Kololli (Le Mont), 1 goal: 
Samir Fazli (Wil), 2 goals:

The clash between the two ‘Albanian’ teams in Switzerland’s second league ended with a 3-1 win for the home team Wil when Le Mont came to visit. After an assist from team-mate Florian Berisha Benjamin Kololli gave the visitors an early lead but Wil equalized shortly after with the help of Gjelbrim Taipi. Samir Fazli showed up after an hour of playtime and scored the 2-1 goal for Wil. However he wasn’t done there, right before the game ended Fazli scored Wil’s third goal and as mentioned they won 3-1. Fazli has now scored six goals while Kololli added his second goal to his score sheet.

Xherdan Shaqiri (Inter), 1 goal: 

He has already scored for Nerazzurri in Coppa Italia but on Sunday Xherdan Shaqiri noted his first Serie A goal as he introduced himself to Italy’s Serie A. The Swiss international, who recently left Bayern München for Inter, was put on Inter’s XI as they made a short trip to Bergamo. The visitors at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia had barely taken their seats when Inter were awarded a penalty after two minutes of play time. Shaqiri got to do the honors and he did not miss out on the chance to give Inter an early lead. Home team Atalanta equalized 25 minutes later but Inter made sure to take back the lead before half time. From the 52nd minute Atalanta played with one man short and that helped Inter score another two goals before the game ended. Two wins in a row for Inter who will have to wait until Monday for the next season game as they take on Cagliari.

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