Talent of the week – Kaçanik born Genc Berisha called up to Arsenal’s Elite Academy


Foto: SHF Diti Sport on Facebook

A couple of years ago Arsenal launched an Elite Academy in Greece as it was a way for them to easier find talents around the Balkans. This year they decided to bring in three youngsters from Kosovo, one of them is a 12-year-old boy from Kaçanik named Genc Berisha.

The central defender will be accompanied by two other teens from Kosovo as I mentioned and during the next couple of days the trio will show of their skills in front of Arsenal’s staff hoping to make an impact on them. Berisha actually participated in another training camp arranged by Arsenal last year as well.

However Berisha already knows how to make an impact on people. Last year his team SHF Diti Sport travelled all the way from Kosovo to Norway and won their age group in Norway Cup, a big international football tournament for young adults that is held annually in Norway. During the prize ceremony Fatos Vishi’s boys captured the entire Norweigan audience by singing to We are the world and dancing Albanian ‘valle’ which put a huge smile on everyone’s faces.

For those of you that are new to the Albanian football world I can add that Genc Berisha shares a last name with a lot of famous football players around the world. Besart Berisha, Etrit Berisha and so on. However this youngster has his roots in a town that is not really associated with sports, Kaçanik. It’s a rather small town near the Macedonian border with a nation-known cliff framing the skyline. So will Berisha put Kaçanik on the map? We will just have to wait and see.

Want to follow Genc Berisha and Diti Sport’s journey? Like their Facebook page here!

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