A friendly game awaits in Luxembourg for Albania’s women

Picture from FSFH.org


While other countries are preparing for the World Cup Albania’s ladies will be in Luxembourg to play a friendly game. Albania will not participate in the World Cup this time around since they did not manage to advance but can not forget that our girls actually made their debut in the world Cup qualification which is a huge triumph.

The friendly game will be played tomorrow at the Stade Jean Donnersbach during the evening and coach Altin Rraklli has called up a couple of new names. A total of 19 players is on his list that FSFH announced. Amongst them there are three new names from Sweden; Naime Merovci, Veronika Jashari, Kujtime Kurbogaj however we also have players like American raised Furtuna Velaj, Fatbardha Aliu who has taken a step up from the U19 team, Bundesliga player Geldona Morina and as always team captain Aurora Serenaj.

The last time these two teams were faced against each other it ended with a 2-1 win for Albania. Goals were scored by Furtuna Velaj and Suada Jashari, they have both been called up for tomorrow’s game by the way. This was on April 9th 2013 during the qualification for the World Cup qualification itself and now two years later the two teams will meet again.

Here you have the entire list for tomorrow’s game:

  1. Pellumbesha Gjyli
  2. Veronika Jashari
  3. Albina Rrahmani
  4. Esmeralda Franja
  5. Fitore Govori
  6. Fatbardha Aliu
  7. Erida Bajrakurtaj
  8. Lucia Gjini
  9. Kujtime Kurbogaj
  10. Floralba Krasniqi
  11. Dafina Memedov
  12. Aurora Seranaj
  13. Geldona Morina
  14. Atdhetare Halitjaha
  15. Suada Jashari
  16. Nurtene Topalli
  17. *Furtuna Velaj (Update: Will not play due to an injury!)
  18. Aurora Thaci
  19. Naime Merovci

Wishing them the best of luck tomorrow. Suksese vajza!

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