One step closer to having an Albanian clash in the Women’s Champions League final


On May 14th the Women’s Champions League final will take place in Berlin, Germany and we could actually end up with an Albanian clash. The semifinal’s first leg have been played and we are very eager to see which teams will meet up in the grand finale. It will all be revealed next Sunday when the last games are played.

French Paris-Saint Germain got closer to the final after beating the reigning champions Wolfsburg last night (0-2) during the first leg. Kosovare Asllani played for 81 minutes while her team-mate Fatmire Alushi spend the entire game on the bench.

Frankfurt’s women on the othe hand, having won the Champions League three times, completely crushed Danish Bröndby IF (7-0) today. The German’s did not call up Valentina Limani though. She has made her debut on the bench but the 18-year-old is still waiting to make her first appearance in Bundesliga and the Champions League as well.

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