Montreal’s dream crushed, no Champions League trophy for Dilly Duka


Montreal Impact had it all perfectly planned. They were the first Canadian team to ever reach the Champions League final and hoped to make history. When playing the first leg against America in Mexico the game ended with a 1-1 draw which sent them one step closer to making their fairytale dream come true. Everyone was rooting for Montreal as they were representing the MLS as well. Montreal only needed to win the home game in Stade Olympique and then they could be crowned as champions but their dream was crushed.

America were the stronger team and won the second leg (2-4) so they got to lift the trophy in Montreal in front of more than 61 000 spectators who had shown up to see the CONCACAF Champions League final live. The camera showed several sad faces and tears when Dilly Duka and his Montreal team-mates walked off the turf while the guests where celebrating at Montreal’s home arena.

Unlike the European Champions League the CONCACAF final consists of two games, one is played at home and one away. During the first game last week Duka played for 71 minutes and actually assisted to Montreal’s goal. When the second leg was played on Wednesday evening he nearly assisted to a goal, while the score was 1-1, however his team-mate failed to hit the target.

Duka has had a very portraying role in the Champions League this season. He has been involved in a lot and even scored twice in February during the quarter-finals when they beat four-time champions Pachuca. This actually helped Montreal make it to the semi-finals and later on the final. Now Monteal will have to focus on picking up the pace in the MLS. They are currently bottom placed after four rounds collecting only two points.

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