Kosovo’s NT player Shpetim Hasani finally ends his goalless streak


Photo by: Agron Berisha for FFK.

254 days. It has been 254 days since Shpetim Hasani scored in Poland’s Ekstraklasa but he has finally ended his goalles streak. His third season goal was scored on Monday and he took a sigh of relief, well I think we all did, as the ball rolled into the goal.

Górnik Łęczna had to visit Piast Gliwice on Monday night as both teams are fighting for their survival. The 32-year-old striker Hasani was benched at first but was substituted in after 65 minutes of playtime. At that time the scoreboard read 2-2 and 14 minutes later Hasani was there to save the day. He scored the winning goal for Górnik and they were able to walk away with a win.

It has been a struggle for not only Hasani who just added his third season goal but also his team. Kosovo’s NT player just left Swedish Örebro SK during the summer and hoped to help Górnik Łęczna  win titles but they finished at the bottom half of the table after the regular season. That meant that they now have to play in the relegation rounds. The game against Piast Gliwice was only the first one and they need to do well in the next six games to remain in the top tier.

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