Five years without Besjan Idrizaj, today we remember the former Liverpool talent


Swansea City posted the right picture on their Twitter account today showing us that they have not forgotten him.

On May 15th 2010 the football world was met by the news that Besjan Idrizaj had passed away. The cause of death was a cardiac arrest and he died in his sleep, only months before his 23rd birthday, while visiting his parents home in Linz, Austria. Today marks the fifth anniversary of Idrizaj’s death.

His birth town Linz was also where he first started playing football at a young age. A few years later he signed a two-year contract with Liverpool but he struggled with injuries and had to fight the reserves in order to show what he was capable of. That same year he went to Liverpool he won the Austria’s Young Player of the Year award. The Austrian U21 player stayed in Liverpool for two years before being loaned out to different teams. During 2008 he had collapsed twice but doctors explained that he was fine and that it was only a virus giving him a hard time.

Swansea City, one of the most successful teams in Wales, decided to sign Idrizaj for the 2009/2010 season and it was Swansea that was the last team Idrizaj played for. Shortly before the season ended he passed away and we could add another young player to the football world’s memorial hall.

Swansea actually advanced to Premier League the season after and celebrated this achievement by wearing a shirt with a picture of Idrizaj and his name on it. A beautiful gesture that warmed our hearts. On top of that they have decided to retire his #40 jersey so that he is forever a part of the team.

“Never forget one of our Swansea family. Still in our thoughts always. #RIPBesjan ” – Swansea’s head coach Garry Monk on Twitter. 

He is forever with us as well. Gone but never forgotten. RIP Besjan Idrizaj.

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