Historical first clash – Kosovo’s women facing Albania


Kosovo has yet been granted a membership in neither UEFA nor FIFA but the process is reaching the final stop as the board members once again are called in for a meeting. Last year they allowed Kosovo’s men to play friendly games, under certain terms and they played their historical first official friendly game against Haiti in March. Now it’s time for the women of Kosovo to make headlines.

On Saturday a historical game will take place in Albania. The Albanian women’s national team will participate in a friendly against Kosovo’s women, or well I believe the we would call it a sister game instead. This is the first time Kosovo’s women ever have played a friendly against a different nation. Afërdita Fazlija was the first professional female player from Kosovo, now she’s the headcoach of Kosovo and she has 22 names lined up for the big game. One of which are Xhemile Berisha who up and till today represented Albania’s national team, now she’s facing her friend Fitore Govori amongst others.

“This is a great preparation” coach Fazlija says to Albanian media. “We need to build up a team and be all set for take off as soon as FIFA gives us the green light. Despite Albania’s NT being rather new as well they have so much more experience than us so this is great opportunity for us to learn”.

Some of the girls are not unfamiliar to the international stage. Like Qendresa Krasniqi and Blerta Kaciu for example. The girls were a part of the team that represented Kosovo this summer in a German based tournament called ‘Integration through sport’. The small team was lead by Sanije Krasniqi, onboard Kosovo’s coaching staff and they beat England 4-1 in the finale. Someone who’s also familiar to creating a winning team is Fatos Vishi, the man in charge of Kacanik Football Academy who has won tournaments in both Norway and Denmark with his youngsters.

So with big names in the coaching staff and eager players ready to start a new era the president of Kosovo’s football federation Fadil Vokrri send the girls of with a good luck as they left Kosovo and travelled to Durrës where the game is played.

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