A year later, Bashkim Kadrii back in the game after his second injury

After a great season in Danish Odense BK, Bashkim Kadrii was signed by FC Copenhagen during the summer of 2014. He started well by scoring two goals in the first couple of rounds, the first goal was against his former team by the way, but his fairy tale was abruptly shattered during the fall. The 23-year-old suffered his second knee injury in one year which meant he would be out of play for a minimum of nine months.

The way back has been tough for the Danish born midfielder and he kept himself out of the public spotlights to focus on his recovery. Just days ago he made his first interview with Danisk BT.dk and it was also announced that FCK in collaboration with United made a documentary named ‘Bashkim – the way back’ about his return that will be premiered next month. But right now you can see the trailer at the top.

Today, exactly one year after his injury he finally made his comeback. It was only a few minutes though at the very end in the Danish Cup to give it a slow start but the main thing is, he’s back in action. “It’s great having him back” the FCK supporters were typing all over social media and we can all agree, let us just hope for an injury free season.

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