Albania celebrates its first female assistant referee acknowledged by FIFA



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Fatjona Borova, aged 23 just recently received her FIFA badge which means she’s now listed as a FIFA assistant referee. This actually means that she’s the first female one from Albania. Apart from her Albania has three male main referees acknowledged by FIFA; Lorenc Jemini, Enea Jorgji and Bardhyl Pashaj plus another six male ones as assistant referees; Rejdi Avdo, Ermal Barushi, Ridiger Cokaj, Egin Doda, Denis Rexha and Ilir Tartaraj and yet another one as a Futsal referee: Kreshnik Hakrama but amongst these names there’s only one female, Fatjona Borovoa who also is the youngest of the bunch.

Miss Borova was born in Shkodër in 1992, a city which has raised several of our Albanian football players. As a ‘Shkodrane’ of course football was played in her younger days and she even started played basketball too which she did for several years. She made it to the police academy  but can now put FIFA assistant referee in the resume as well.

She was one of the first women in Albania to referee in the domestic league, not only in women’s football but in the male department as well. A job she often shared with Krista Gjyli. And these two women became historical during the Albanian Super Cup on May 4th 2013 as they both were selected as assistant referees alongside Edvin Hoxha. And the year after this female Albanian duo once again collaborated during an U19 group stage qualification which was hosted in Albania.

I was quite emotional during the simple ceremony earlier his week when the general secretary of Albania’s Football Federation Ilir Shulku handed over the FIFA referee badge to Fatjona Borova, the first female one from Albania.

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