Official: Albania’s new kits revealed


Photo by:  Macron’s website

Bye Adidas and hello Macron. Today Macron announced their collaboration with Albania’s Football Federation and will dress us for our first Euro Cup ever. The Italian based company Macron will dress the red and blacks until 2021 and also have a sponsor deal with Etrit Berisha’s team Lazio among others.

On the picture above you can see the new kits and the red one is of course the home kit, the white is for away game while the black one is the third kit. Apart from the low key big eagle on the torso and the Albanian logo on the chest, closer to the heart, the jersey also features a text on the Korean styled collar which says ‘Ti Shqiperi më jep nder’ on the side closer to the neck, and skin of course, and ‘Albania’ with a two-headed eagle on the back of the collar for the world to see.

Now our boys will be dressed to impress.

1 thought on “Official: Albania’s new kits revealed

  1. They’re alright. The stripes with the double-headed eagle are pretty nice. But it bothers me a lot, that Albanis changes the teamwear company every year. Last year it was adidas, the year before nike. Why should adidas make them personalized kits when they’ll change it next year anyway.


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