Albania announces Euro Cup residency 

The slogan “Me plis per Paris” has been used by Albanians a lot during the last year however our national team are not going to stay there. The Albanian Football Federation announced the residency earlier today and the chosen luxury hotel is the Hotel L’Agapa in Perros-Guirec. The players will be checking in on June 5th and out on June 23rd. Even if they will play their first game against Switzerland on June 11th the official rule book says that players must be in the hosting nation at least five days prior to the official kick off.

The Perros-Guirec commune is a very small one based north west of France or “At the heart of the Pink Granite Coast and facing the Seven Islands Archipelago” as they write on their website. It is around a five hour drive to reach Paris. That’s why Albania has chosen another three hotels in Lens (against Switzerland), Marseille (France) and Romania so they can stay there the day before game day.

For pictures you can visit L’Agapa’s website by simply clicking here.

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